Drupal is a freely licensed, open source software package designed around web content and community management. Over 7 million websites are currently estimated to use Drupal, and the number is growing rapidly. That's a lot of Drupal. Widely distributed and extremely well documented, it is used on a wide range of websites, from corporations and governments, schools and individuals— from Whitehouse.gov to Forbes Magazine and ING.

Once set up, Drupal gives you direct access to manage your site, as easily as using Microsoft Word through a WSYWYG editor.  The standard Drupal release contains basic features common to content management systems, including page layout customization, menu management, user account registration and maintenance, RSS-feeds, and system administration. The amazing power of Drupal, however, comes in the huge variety of community-contributed add-ons available (over 11,000 for Drupal 7). With these, we can build any type of website from a simple photo gallery to a fully integrated e-commerce site - and, since Drupal is open-source, developed by thousands of programmers worldwide - there are no proprietary software fees, so the savings get passed on to you.

Why Drupal?

We at Lattice Group have successfully implemented a wide variety of custom Drupal CMS web sites for businesses, non-profits and member-based organizations, including module enhancements and customizations through theming. We also perform Drupal installations and upgrades. We recommend Drupal over tools such as WordPress, Joomla and Plome for our clients for several reasons:

  • Drupal is by far the most scalable of the four;
  • It offers better control over multiple types of web content and how blocks are created and turned on and off for viewing;
  • It much more easily allows the addition of new elements at a later date. (Once the design is set in WordPress, for example, it is much harder to add new pieces), and
  • It offers better security and eCommerce functions over WordPress.

In short, Drupal provides greater flexibility and a stronger platform for organizations to grow on in anticipation of wanting to add something to the site at a later date.  While the setup is initially modestly more intensive than it is with either WordPress or Joomla!, our "You Drive" training program is designed to send you on your path to maintaining and further developing your own site with confidence.

Through Drupal and Lattice Group, your organization can gain control over what goes into your website - we can help you discover what Drupal can do for you.

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