Quality Management

Following the adage “quality in, quality out,” Lattice Group has designed, developed and implemented custom tools used by Clinical Auditing teams to perform Quality Assurance (QA) of charts that have been Data Entered. These tools include: QA reports to identify performance, QA Data Entry tools to perform QA of charts that have been Data Entered, as well as a tool to view the difference between the QA's data and the Coder's data, and the ability to grade the Coder. Additionally, Lattice Group has built a provider outreach tool, which is used to identify members with missing information. This information is then used to contact the provider’s office and obtain the information.

Once aggregated, other tools we have created and implemented are used to give researchers and analysts a “big picture” view of patient care. At the executive and managerial levels, comprehensive information about the quality of care helps with financial forecasting, clinical quality improvement, and other initiatives.

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