Member Account Management

Over the last decade, Lattice Group has been an instrumental participant in moving personal financial account management into the domain of the internet.  Accessing and managing personal financial information — once thought of as being too sensitive or proprietary to access safely over the web — is now expected.  In working with our clients, we have designed and implemented highly successful online systems that were among the first of their kind for online financial Account Access and Management. We've now extended this to the next generation, with an award-winning mobile app and Apple Watch and Android Wear applications, all at instant access, along with a fully operational Google Glass demo app, now awaiting launch of Glass 2. 

Safe and Secure Account Access and Management

Using the systems we created, our client's customers and Plan Providers and Administrators are able to access and manage personal financial accounts and plans 24/7 anywhere, anytime over the web - safely and securely; view current account details; make changes to and manage their investments; update their personal information, and much more.  

Scalability and Resource Consumption

When managing the transition of online financial systems to new platforms, Lattice Group has addressed and solved challenges in scalability and resource consumption to ensure the systems continue to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Side-by-Side Implementation and Customer Collaboration

To provide seamless transition and ease of introduction, Lattice Group has provided development and project management teams that are fully integrated with our client's internal staff.  We then work side-by-side through the most challenging implementations, and address development and production support issues in real time, as they arise.  This commitment and close understanding of our client’s requirements and resources have been vital underpinnings to our success within the financial sector. 

Financial System Modernization

When tasked with modernizing financial systems, Lattice Group has remained on the cutting edge of technology, recommending and implementing pioneering platforms such as J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) and XSLT, which allow for rapid deployment of front-end changes while retaining robust performance and security.  While not always necessary, consolidating on this platform has vastly simplified the forest of languages, technologies, and versions in use across Enterprise systems for our current clients, which in turn, has enabled better allocation of resources. 

Online Fund Profiles

Lattice Group has been instrumental in creating systems for the display of investment information, such as the performance and characteristics of various securities. Through our highly successful implemented systems, we have demonstrated the power and flexibility of XML for information exchange by the “fund profile” display system which combines data from disparate sources such as internal performance feeds, spreadsheets from mutual fund vendors, data files from Morningstar, and hand-edited text files into standardized web-based output.

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