Web Design

Great website design reflects considerations that go beyond the pure visual aesthetics of the site. While the visual impact of the front end design is of course very important, as an interactive medium where the visitor participates in the experience, good design must integrate the visual and emotional impact of the backend design as well through transparent attention to the technical issues involved with using the Internet.  Without this attention, the success of the visual design can be derailed no matter how good it is.

Central to Lattice Group’s design philosophy are conformance to web standards and adherence to best practices in web usability and accessibility.  Designing to web standards “future-proofs” websites against technology changes adopted by web browser and device manufacturers.  Attention to usable websites reduces support requests and helps retain repeat visitors.  Websites friendly to the physically or visually impaired are also friendly to search engines, and demonstrate a commitment to accessibility beyond ADA Section 508 requirements.

Differing systems, browser incompatibilities, slow connection and upload speeds, bandwidth and scalability issues, user interface issues, broken links, and poor or clumsy integration with existing databases are all additional fundamental aspects of web design we've all experienced that leave us frustrated instead of inspired.  If these backend issues are noticeable or burdensome to visitors, they won't return to the site or stay long enough to get the message. These aspects combined make web design a complex and evolving art, one that requires an ongoing attention to detail. Along with outstanding front end design, we at Lattice Group pay attention to these "hidden" details so your message comes through loud and clear.

With Lattice Group, Web Design is:

  • an interactive experience, 
  • beyond pure aesthetics,
  • visual impact,
  • transparent, seamless backend,
  • a smooth user interface,
  • scalable,
  • complex & evolving, and
  • a strong avenue to new product marketing.

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