Investment Profiles & Stock Tracking

Lattice Group has been instrumental in creating systems for the display and management of investment information online, such as the performance and characteristics of various securities. 

Combining Financial Information Sources

Through our highly successful implemented systems, we have demonstrated the power and flexibility of XML for information exchange by the “fund profile” display system which combines data from disparate sources such as:

  • Internal performance feeds,
  • Spreadsheets from mutual fund vendors,
  • Data files from Morningstar, and
  • Hand-edited text files into standardized web-based output.

Connecting Public and Private Websites

The system we created connects the public and private websites, displaying profiles of various investments containing information such as their:

  • Performance,
  • Morningstar rating,
  • Management and performance characteristics. 

Maximizing SEC Reporting Efficiency

It is a system designed and developed to empower a relatively small staff to provide up-to-date FINRA- and SEC-compliant investment information for hundreds of mutual funds and other investments from a variety of internal and external sources, and to reference individual or families of investments from other systems.  

Reducing Paperwork, Saving Money

In creating this system, we replaced numerous printed materials for our client, saving millions of dollars in authoring, editing, printing, mailing, and other associated costs over the life of the system.

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