Calendar Scheduling

Lattice Group has created custom application solutions for online event tracking, scheduling, registration and management for the financial sector, which can be easily modified to apply in virtually all sectors including health care. These solutions centralize and structure the related processes online, such as registration and calendaring, and affect thousands of plan participants, clients, members and Administrators.

Event Registration and Coordination

Through this online Event Management System Lattice Group designed, developed and implemented, a single wizard collects all the information various people and departments need to fully coordinate events. Our custom solution allows:

  • Online creation and scheduling of events (e.g. seminars, one-on-one meetings, etc.) by Administrators,
  • Online registration by participants including the tracking of all standard data (e.g. contact information, type of event, time, date, location, etc.),
  • Communication tool regarding the event’s status (e.g. whether it is Open or Closed, etc.),
  • Data capture of event statistics for analysis (e.g. how many people showed up per location, etc.),
  • Calendar of local events for review by individual participants or for specific groups and clients (e.g. a specific teacher’s union or fire department), and
  • Search capabilities to allow all involved to find and view events that are coming to their area.

Event Administration

From the administrative side, Lattice Group’s Event Management System allows people to create and keep track of events of all types - from one-on-one meetings with financial advisors or appointments with health care providers, to prospective client meetings and company or organization-wide group seminars. Whether it’s scheduling a prospective client meeting, a doctor’s appointment, or a seminar for 10 people or 100 people, through our Event Management System, people can search, find, track and register for these events online.

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